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If only everything in life was as quick and simple as arranging asset finance through Azule …

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Perhaps you’re a self-employed owner-operator buying your first (or next) camcorder? Maybe you are a financial director tasked with finding the money to upgrade your edit suites? Or could you possibly be a hire company boss looking to overhaul your touring lighting rig? Whatever your circumstances, at Azule we have the tools, experience and contacts to help you to get the most appropriate asset finance deal possible.

Best of all, we can make it happen for you fast. By using our online application service you can get a quote or apply for finance in less than three minutes, meaning that less of your time is wasted filling in forms and more of it can be spent doing what you do best: creating and delivery content, or supporting those that do.

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In light of BVE, here’s our guide to choosing the right supplier…

February 4th, 2016|Comments Off on In light of BVE, here’s our guide to choosing the right supplier…

We all know that there is no such thing as free cheese, and in the current economic climate, we’re keeping a beady eye on our pounds and pennies and expectedly looking for the best price […]

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In out, in out, shake it all about

January 7th, 2016|Comments Off on In out, in out, shake it all about

For the benefit of everyone within the broadcast industry, the UK must remain part of the EU argues Peter Savage.

It is said that, in polite company, one should never discuss politics, religion, sex or […]


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